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Labs by Country

Each country has different Labs and Services. Follow the link below to select your country of origin and browse the Laboratory Tab to find what Local Laboratories and services are available to you.


The U.W.I. (St. Augustine)-Department of Chemical Engineering

The Department's Food Science and Technology Unit (FSTU) offers services throught the following laboratories: Quality Control and Sensory, Microbiology and Food Processing.

CARIRI - The Caribbean Industrial
Research Institute

Cariri's state-of-the-art Food & General Microbiology Laboratory specialises in food safety and water quality testing.

CARPHA - The Caribbean Public Health Agency

The Environmental Health Laboratory (EHL) located within the Environmental Health and Sustainable Development (EHSD) is accredited to ISO 17025 by the Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation (CALA). The full-service microbiological and analytical laboratory provides environmental analyses, including water quality monitoring, plant, soil and tissue analyses, food microbiological testing, indoor environmental quality monitoring and noise testing.

Scientific Research Council

The Analytical Services Department provides services to in-house projects and external clients, such as hotels, food processors, wastewater producers and private individuals. The main focus is on chemical and microbiological analyses of water/wastewater for various environmental safety parameters and on food for nutritional content (e.g. protein, fats, and minerals) and microbiological quality.quality monitoring and noise testing.

Kaizen Laboratory

KAIZEN Lab, Analytical Division of Kaizen Environmental Services (Trinidad) Limited is a well-established environmental laboratory with over 20 years of analytical experience, specializing in analytical techniques applied to environmental chemistry for Water and Wastewater analysis, Oil Analysis, Soil and Solid Waste Characterization, Food Chemistry and Microbiology.